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The Flavorist Coffee Chai (8-ct)

The Flavorist Coffee Chai (8-ct)

0.35 Ounces

The Flavorist Coffee Chai is flavored coffee that is hand-crafted using organic flavors.  One of our favorite flavors, The Flavorist Coffee Chai is part of our tea-inspired series that is sure to deliver a harmony of taste sensations that is truly out of this world.  No sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives.  Each unit comes with freshly ground coffee conveniently packaged in 8 individual single-serve pour over filters.  


All-in-one, single serve pour over packets require minimal setup with built-in filter, coffee grounds, and hanging flaps.  Filter size and coffee amount are designed to produce one delicious cup of coffee, so no measuring or weighing needed.  All you need is hot water! 


Net weight: 2.8oz, 8x 0.35oz single-serve pour overs

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