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My name is Angela and I am the founder of The Flavorist Coffee. In 2011, I left my Atlanta home to explore life abroad, living in one amazing country after another, and managed to build a tiny life of my own that I could have never imagined for myself. I started this journey toward The Flavorist Coffee in 2016 while I was living in Seoul, Korea. I left my career as a corporate marketer in pursuit of my own purpose and passion in life.  The coffee culture in Seoul is constantly innovating and evolving, and it inspired me to follow my own dreams. In 2020, during the pandemic, I packed up and moved back stateside to be closer to loved ones. Surrounded by the support and encouragement of so many amazing people, I was able to share this beloved project here at home - with my people, my fellow coffee enthusiasts, and my fellow Americans. 


So, why coffee? And why the intimacy around moments? I grew up with parents who never made coffee at home. We never owned a coffee machine and still do not to this day. My mornings were not filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  In our household, it was considered a luxury item. Yet, coffee takes me back to when I was a little girl. My parents immigrated to the US a year before I was born. I grew up watching them struggle every day - with the culture, the language, and supporting two girls. But, like most immigrant families, they sacrificed everything to provide my sister and me the American Dream. My parents owned a soul food restaurant in the heart of downtown Atlanta. It’s where I spent my summers. While my friends were at the beach or at camp, I tended the cash register. That’s why I’m good at simple math, not because I’m Asian, but because my dad made me calculate everything in my head. Throughout the day, I’d see my dad sip on diner-grade coffee –the kind that just sits in a big coffee pot all day long.  That really was the only time he allowed himself to take a break.   It was far from fresh or premium, but those simple moments were the highlight of his day. I would see his entire body relax with every sip and the look of satisfaction spread across his face. He looked forward to it everyday - those shining moments that no one could take away from him.  Those few minutes of reflection were his to drown in, in whatever way he wanted to.  And that is my connection with coffee.  

The Flavorist Coffee is my American Dream. It’s so much more than just a brand I created. It’s a reminder of where I come from. And it’s an homage to my family and to all the dreamers out there. The Flavorist Coffee is all about giving back those moments - those precious moments we take for granted.  Our mission is to enable you to craft your own personal moments and experiences, and take control of how you start and end your day. 


Remember, it’s never too late to transform your life and make it extraordinary.



We handcraft in small batches, on demand, to ensure ultimate freshness and product consistency




We put a lot of effort into finding the right balance of flavor & coffee.  We enjoy pairing the natural qualities of coffee with subtle traces of our favorite flavors



We blend with organic flavors to provide only the most authentic taste sensations



We love to experiment with & explore a spectrum of flavors, from savory nuts  & delightful chocolates to eccentric spices and florals


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