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  • What is the best way to brew The Flavorist Coffee?
    The way to brew coffee using our single-serve pour over filters is convenient and easy! Whether this is your first time or you're an avid consumer of our products, The Flavorist Coffee all-in-one packet is designed for everyone. Our method allows for minimal preparation time, maximum quality brew, and a hassle-free clean up! Simply follow the steps below: Tear along the perforation (the top portion of the filter bag will detach right under the “OPEN” mark). Pull on the flaps and secure the filter onto the edge of the cup. We recommend using a traditional size mug/cup (10oz). Slightly wet the grounds and let it sit for about 30 sec. Slowly pour hot water into the filter opening with the ground coffee until the water reaches just below the top of the filter. Repeat this process once water is fully drained and until cup is full. Keep in mind, less water will yield a stronger brew. You can tailor it to your preferences by adding more/less water. Discard the filter as a whole and enjoy your self-crafted, freshly brewed coffee!
  • How can I make iced coffee with The Flavorist Coffee drip packets?
    We highly recommend making iced coffee with our pour over coffee! It's simple and tasty, especially during the hot summer months. There are many ways to make iced coffee. Here are just a couple of ways we like to make ours: 1. Before tearing along the perforation and securing the filter onto the cup, fill the cup with ice. Keep in mind that while hot water is being poured into the filter, the coffee will melt the ice and dilute the coffee. If you enjoy a strong cup of coffee, we do not recommend using more than 8 oz. of water. Discard the filter and fill the cup once again with ice or transfer into a new cup with ice. Stir to balance the temperature of the coffee inside the cup. 2. If you prefer a milder cup of coffee and do not mind dilution, simply brew a cup of coffee and add ice to it. We like to add just a few pieces of ice to bring the temperature down before transferring it to a new cup full of ice.
  • What are organic flavors?
    For our flavored options, we use organic extracts to ensure the purest taste sensations and to achieve an overall balanced taste. Although we love experimenting with bold taste profiles, our aim is to complement your brewing moments and provide subtle hints of flavors to your cup of coffee. Unlike other flavored coffee, we use premium-grade single-origin beans that are freshly roasted. Our flavor extracts are certified organic, food grade, kosher, vegan, gluten free, and contain absolutely no allergens.
  • Can I buy the 30-count in any flavor?
    Yes! Due to popular demand, we now offer the 30-count Refill bags across all flavor options. We encourage our loyal customers to take advantage of the subscription discount for additional savings!
  • Can I purchase whole/ground beans?
    While we do not currently offer whole/ground beans, it is absolutely something we are hoping to provide in the very near future. Check back and make sure you sign up for email updates!
  • What is your return policy?
    Due to health and safety regulations, we do not accept returns. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product or would like to report an issue with your order, please contact us at We will do our best to remedy the situation as soon as possible, so please ensure that requests are submitted within 7 days of receiving the order.
  • Is international shipping available?
    Unfortunately, at this time, international shipping is not available.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    USPS First-Class Standard Shipping (3 - 7 business days): only available for orders $15 and below. Shipping rates may vary according to delivery address. USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground (2 - 5 business days): available on all orders above $15. Shipping rates may vary according to delivery address. Free Shipping: on all orders above $40 and/or subscriptions. Please keep in mind that orders typically require 1-2 business days to process. We produce in small batches and on demand, therefore we need just a little bit more time to prepare your order! We appreciate your patience and understanding.
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